Snuggs (Poulainville) Suddenly, images of her friend came rushing into her head.
Bory (Nikol'sk) Everything around her seemed to disappear as her body shook and convulsed with pleasure.
Kolopajlo (Tamazulapan del Progreso) She couldn't breathe, and she felt as though she was screaming but couldn't hear.
Strozier (Thompsonville) Every muscle in her body clenched tightly around her center, and then as quick as it came, washed away.
Kientzy (Durham) She lay still on her bed, naked and sweating.
Alatosse (Bulle) Her senses slowly beginning to return.
Waldorf (Danville) She looked over at her alarm clock, which read 10:38.
Levreault (Brucken) She had missed the start of class, and didn't even make an effort to get up.
Hardan (Grove) Her mind buzzed as thoughts of last night were rushing back.
Linarez (Ferwerd) She had never experienced such a powerful emotion, and as she thought more about what happened, she wondered what it meant.
Hervig (Vallemaio) Nothing that strong at least.
Arroyo (Haacht) She remembered incidents where she caught herself looking at other women, but didn't recognize them as sexual, until now.
Verble (Holasovice) She remembered admiring outfits, or shoes, but as she thought harder, she realized there was more to it.
Vavricek (Anadarko) She could vividly remember the way they moved or their smell.
Secker (Batatais) She could see herself admiring her friends for more than just their clothes or hair.
Holgerson (Shuangjiang) She remembered the shape of their bodies.
Czerwinski (Crest) She remembered how their breasts looked, or the curve of their hips.
Doll (Lesnoy) It wasn't the shoes or the clothes she was noticing, but the way those things made a girls body look.
Pagnello (Richfield Springs) The way a tight shirt would strain against their breasts, making them round and firm, or show off some belly.
Sheer (Pennigsehl) The way shoes might make their legs look.
Gigler (Le Chenit) She concentrated hard, until her thoughts settled on one incident in particular.
Traister (Castano Primo) It was graduation, and she was sitting in her living room talking to her friend Lisa.
Hespe (Buliran Segundo) She wore a short black dress, and sexy strap heals.
Funck (Epron) The harder she focused on Lisa; everything else in her memory seemed to dissolve, until just the two of them were there.
Minihane (Munster) The conversation seemed to fade as well, and all she could hear was the sound of her breathing and her heart beating.
Matzinger (Schulenburg) She concentrated hard on Lisa's image.
Preiss (Sukabumi) Her voice rang louder and clearer in her ears.
Mlynek (Krrabe) Her mind flashed images of Lisa's body, as she felt in intense pressure welling up inside her.
Tellez (Oliver) She could almost feel Lisa there with her, as she quickly became aware of her own body.
Caso (Victoria) Still concentrating on the scrambling images in her mind, she became aware of her hand working feverishly between her legs.
Noyola (Wurno) Her mind was moving fast and everything was beginning to become blurry.
Suttell (Avondale) Two days had passed in a blur since Kristy became aware of her feelings.
Kater (Sajovamos) She was finding it difficult to concentrate on anything else in her life, and often found mind wandering off.
Whalen (Medesano) She wasn't able to recall anything she had heard in her classes the past two days, and hadn't opened a single book.
Rygg (Attock City) Her mind seemed to be set off by the slightest incident, and blocked everything else out.
Caramanica (Fabrezan) She found herself fantasizing about different girls she would see.
Erlanger (Evarts) She tried hard to think of boys, but it just didn't happen.
Iller (Cerreto Laziale) There was no denying the way she felt.
Newbold (Juripiranga) She sat in her dorm room, wishing desperately for someone to talk to.
Chilson (Daultala) She was going to have to figure it out on her own.
Wicher (Guelph) She decided to log on to her computer and see if she could find anyone to talk to.
Pinkins (Roccarainola) She read through some of her mail, but there was nothing interesting.
Cedrone (Pantego) Just a few jokes and notes from her friends asking how she was getting along.
Bielby (Orlovka) Besides, you never knew who you were really talking to anyway, so she just logged off.
Nardini (Buffalo) It was still early, and she was feeling hungry.
Casteel (Langogne) She decided to take a walk and get something to eat.
Kubicek (Bethalto) She found herself in this little pizza place, just off campus.
Wingeier (Mulazzano) It wasn't crowded like it usually was, but there were a few people there.
Piedra (Amity Gardens) She took her pizza, sat down at an empty table and began to eat.
Bolus (Grosio) She was cute.